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Yuri P by jodobird Yuri P :iconjodobird:jodobird 1 0
Cook a Smile JohnxReader
You woke up to the smell of something burning. Your first instinct was to wake up John, but when you patted his side of the bed blindly, you realized he wasn’t there.
Jumping up and out of the bed, you rushed downstairs to the kitchen where the disgusting burning smell became even stronger, stumbling into the kitchen with you hand held over your nose, you look up to see your husband cooking. Well...trying to at least. Running over to where the source of the disaster was occurring, you quickly shut off the stovetop and threw the pan into the sink.
Inspecting the burnt lump in the middle of the pan, it seems that John was trying //key word is trying// to make pancakes. After opening every single window in the house, you finally turn to John who was watching you panic with a guilty grin on his face.
“Uhm...good morning [y/n]!”
Seeing how embarrassed he was, you decided not to yell and panic frantically. Instead you stepped forward and leaned into his chest, breathing in
:iconjodobird:jodobird 15 6
Hot and Cold DavexReader
You jumped out of the nest of blankets you had made and stomped over to the thermostat. Before you even managed to lay a single hand on the damn thing, a pale hand blocked your attempt to make the room warmer. An annoyed expression appeared on your face as you crossed your arms and glared straight at your boyfriend, right into those stupid shades of his.  
“Excuse me Mr.Strider, you’re in my way.”  
Sure, your voice may have come out harsher than you intended it to be, but screw that, you were cold and you were going to do something about it. If only Dave wasn’t in the goddamned way. A small smile flashed on his face before he replaced it with one of false suffering.
“But [y/n]! It’s so hot in here! My shades are about to melt off my face!”
He began to fan himself with his hand dramatically, how the hell you fell for this kid, you don’t ev
:iconjodobird:jodobird 27 7
Chocolates and roses (Eren x reader Modern AU)
Chocolates and roses (Eren x reader Modern!AU)
[A/n]: So in this fic, you and Eren are already married, yay! Carry on child.
It was finally, fucking, Saturday. You had the worst possible week of your life and getting through it was absolutely hell, you didn’t even know the exact date because you've been running around so much! At least you could have a peaceful day of resting...
You groaned rolling over to your side, stretching out your hand and seeking your husband’s warmth…all your fingers found was empty sheets. Wait. No. There was a piece of paper. Groggily, you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and read the note aloud.
“[y/n], I’m so sorry if you woke up before I'm back. I ran out to get some groceries but I’ll be back in a bit, I didn’t want to wake you since you were sleeping so peacefully. I’ll see you in a bit, promise!
Love, Eren”
You smiled as you ran your fingers over his messy printing, he was obviously in a hurry if hi
:iconjodobird:jodobird 27 7
*Your POV*
You hesitantly knocked on the door of the apartment building. Hanji behind you was dancing up and down, occasionally fixing your hair and squealing how perfect you looked. You let out a squeak of surprise as the door suddenly slammed open in your face, standing in the doorway was a very familiar face. The name bubbled up to your lips unbidden, "Levi?" the name was familiar on your tongue, as if you had spoke the name a million times before.   If it were possible, the man's stoic expression turned softer as his steely grey eyes widened. He turned his head sharply to a cowering Hanji, hiding behind your back.
"Oi shitty-glasses, does she remember or not?"
The question took you by surprise. You spoke cautiously, cutting off Hanji as she was about to answer.
"Remember what? Hanji you never said anything-"
A sudden pain erupted in your brain, memories that you never seen before flashed before your eyes. Giant humanoid creature
:iconjodobird:jodobird 7 2
(Your POV)
You sat in a coffee shop, angrily scratching out music notes on the once clean staff paper. You were a musician, and currently you were trying to compose a song for fun. You played the violin fantastically. The problem was, every time you played the violin memories would come flooding back to you that you wouldn't remember. Funnily enough, all of your current friends were in the memories as well and every time that you would mention it, they would look at you hopefully until you waved it off as lack off sleep.
The shop's door opened and in came Mikasa, Eren, Armin, Hanji, and Erwin. You felt like someone was knew no one else...oh well. Hanji jumped straight onto you enveloping you in a hug and, almost making you spill your tea over your piece.
"I swear Hanji, if you fucking make me spill me tea I will personally kill you with a spoon.".
She laughed (like her usual crazy self) but backed off when you shot her a cold hard look.
"Geez, [y/n]! I swear, you co
:iconjodobird:jodobird 24 5
I Understand You The Most Reader x Levi
You have done it, you've trained hard and are a proud member of the Survey Corps. The only person you really like is Hanji, she seems to be the only one that can break your stoic mask, but other than that everyone seems annoying to you. Except for one person...Lance Corporal Levi. You weren't in love with him! You admired him. For his strength and bravery...but...even the strongest suffer, even the strongest have dark paths.
You came from a perfectly normal family where everything had to be perfect...and that was the problem. You didn't want to be perfect! You wanted to be different, outgoing! So you decided to join the military. Hanji told you about Levi's past, how he lived as a thug, how his two closest friends were killed by titans in front of his very own eyes...and you felt...pity for him.
When he lost his squad, you saw the pain in his eyes. Everyone thought that he didn't care, everyone saw his saw the man in pain behind it. One night, you walked to his roo
:iconjodobird:jodobird 36 11
Are You Even Real?!? Levi x Reader Second Ending
[A/n]: Please, please read the first part before reading this or else it will not make sense! You can find the first part here:
And you can find the first ENDING here:
Anyway, you may now continue!
You stared at Levi's outstretched hand, thinking if you should stay or go...
"C'mon brat...we have to go soon or else the gateway will close!". Levi's voice was rushed and if...he wanted you to go back with had to let him down. You stood shakily, and slapped his hand away.
"No...I can't...I won't return with you...I'm tired of all these lies...". With that you turned and began to walk away. Levi stood there, frozen. Torn between the choice of returning back...or going after you and staying with you forever...he knew he loved you...but...humanity needed him! He quickly yelled out
:iconjodobird:jodobird 17 4
Mature content
Are You Even Real? Levi x Reader First Ending :iconjodobird:jodobird 21 15
Safe and Sound Levi x Reader Sad/Songfic
Safe and Sound
Levi x Reader Sad/Songfic
Your head rested against a tree, tears making tracks in your filthy face. Your hand clutched at your abdomen which was now just a bloody mess, but what hurt you the most was the pained look on your lovers face...Lance Corporal Levi.
"Don't do this to me [f/n]! Just hold on in there! Help will come!"  
You shook your head, even the small movement put you in so much pain that you winced.
"L-Levi...just go...I know that I'm going to die either way..." your hand gently caressed his face, hoping to sooth his pain.
"[f/n] promised promised that you would stay alive...that we would get married someday...that we would escape these walls, now look at you..."
You smiled sadly, "Levi, you know that's what I wanted as well...but for the sake of humanity...can you sing me a song?".
Your boyfriend looked at you in shock, "Sing? [f/n], you're dying and you want me to sing?!?".
You nodded, "Please Levi, it's my final hear your b
:iconjodobird:jodobird 45 21
Cold Hands-Warm Hearts (Levi x Reader AU)
{A/n: Levi might be a tad bit OOC in this...sorry if you don't like it! Now on with the story!}
It was that season again, the beautiful season of autumn (you don't know why some people called it Fall, the name "fall" just seems so boring!). You sat on a park bench humming lightly as your head rested on your boyfriends shoulder, feeling completely at peace. The wind blew lightly, blowing onto your face. It wasn't freezing, but the weather was still cold enough that the parts of your face that weren't protected by your hand-knitted {favourite colour} scarf (last year's Christmas present from your lovable boyfriend), were a bright rosy red. Your hand was perfectly warm however, because it was entwined with your stoic boyfriend's cold one.
You lifted your face to have your [e/c] eyes meet with a pair of steely grey orbs...Levi's eyes. You let out a sigh of content as you sat there comfortably with your boyfriend. Bright red and yellow coloured leaves swirled around you two in the slight Fa
:iconjodobird:jodobird 48 25
Mature content
Every Step of The Way (Armin x Reader Sadfic) :iconjodobird:jodobird 21 18
What The Heck?!? Eren x Reader PART FOUR!!!!
You opened your eyes groggily, letting out a big yawn before becoming aware of a pair of eyes on you. You turned met a pair of bright-turquoise green eyes, instinctively, you jumped back letting out a small shriek. "E-Eren?!" you hissed out before being swept into his arms. "[F/n]!!! You're awake!! had me so worried...". You felt his warm tears fall onto your shoulder as he buried his head in the crook of your neck, sobbing.
You patted his head, trying to sooth him. "It's alright Eren...I'm here...". You pulled back, wiping away his tears. He sniffled, causing you to let out a light giggle, he flicked you on the forehead. "'s your memory [F/n]?". You smiled, "Oh just fine! In fact I managed to remember everything in my sleep! He grinned, "that's really great [F/n]!" you blushed as you thought to yourself, I remember everything alright...even everything between you and me Eren...You let your eyes wander around the room, realising that you weren't in the hospital wing.
:iconjodobird:jodobird 19 22
What The Heck?!? Eren x Reader PART THREE!!!
Day One: Meeting the others again
Today was going to be day one to try and get your memory back, although you doubted this would work. You walked out of your dorm, completely emerged in your thoughts. That is, until you bumped into someone. You looked up, about to apologise when you realized it was Eren.
"Hey [F/n]! I was looking for you!" he beamed down on you, you couldn't help but blush.
"O-oh, Eren! Why were you looking for me?". Eren gave a tiny smirk,
"Well [F/n], step one of how I decided to help you get your memory back, would be letting you try and find the mess hall!". You eyes widened in shock and you stared at him, "E-Eren! You can't possibly be serious!". He nodded, "of course I'm serious [F/n]!".
With a sigh you closed your eyes and racked your head to try and remember the life you (apparently) had before. A sudden burst came into your mind as you began to sprint through the hallways, you stopped in front of an old wooden door. You turned around to see a smiling Eren, "Co
:iconjodobird:jodobird 13 10
What The Heck?!? Eren x Reader PART TWO!!!
You woke up in a warm bed..."where am I?" you thought to yourself. Your eyes flashed open as you heard a soft calm voice,
"Well [F/n] its nice to finally see you awake again.". You turned your head to your right and saw a figure with short black hair and a red scarf. Your eyes widened, it couldn't be..."Mikasa?" you asked carefully. She gave a tiny, rare smile and nodded, standing up.
"I'll go get the others...they'll be happy to see you awake-" before she could even finish her sentence, the door opened with a *bang* and revealed five more people. They...coudnt be real...and yet there they stood, Squad Leader Hanji, Eren, Armin, Commander Erwin and following closely was...Corporal Levi. You were frozen, the gears in your head turning so quickly it was almost impossible. It wasn't until Squad Leader Hanji pounced on you, knocking the air out of you in the process.
"S-Squad Leader Hanji?" You choked out, Hanji gasped,
"Since when did YOU address me so formally [F/n]?!? It's reassuring th
:iconjodobird:jodobird 15 11
What The Heck?!? Eren x Reader PART ONE!!!
Your eyes widened as you saw who it was...EREN YEAGER...from Attack on Titan...with his entire gear on, 3D-MG and rubbed your eyes...he looked around the classroom with a slight tinge of pink visible on his cheeks.
"um...sorry to interrupt...but is [F/n] here?". You looked up in shock, he couldn't mean...YOU right? Eren's eyes scanned the classroom and met your shocked ones, his expression brightened immediately and he walked towards your desk.
"um...[F/n] that you?" his vice was unsure but when you nodded he smiled. "I need you to come with me," he said very seriously, "The Survey Corps need your help again!". He grabbed a hold of your sleeve and  began to pull you out, once you were outside you couldn't help but ask, "um...Eren? Where are you taking me?".
He smiled, "to HQ of course! Now just close your me?"
" stuttered.".
Then Everything went black.
End of Part ONE!!
:iconjodobird:jodobird 21 16


3DMG tutorial 6: handles by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial 6: handles :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 33 2 3DMG tutorial 5 by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial 5 :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 13 5 3DMG tutorial 4 by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial 4 :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 63 16 3DMG tutorial part 3 by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial part 3 :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 134 4 3DMG tutorial part 2 by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial part 2 :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 150 13 3DMG tutorial 1 by kamenkewl 3DMG tutorial 1 :iconkamenkewl:kamenkewl 289 34
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:iconheidi:Heidi 606 0
Like a Kitten - Makoto x Reader
     You and your boyfriend of two months walked down the street, hand in hand; you were thinking about your upcoming anniversary, and what to get Makoto.  'Would he like a book? No... That's too boring... He can get books from the library...  What about a... Jacket?  No! Stupid [Name]! Think clearly!  Makoto likes swimming so he'd like a.... Swimsuit?  He already has one of those you idiot!! He probably has multiple...'  Your mind slowly wandered to the image of Makoto in a swimsuit.  The thought alone was enough to make your insides turn to jelly.  Your mind decided to take things further, and the thought of what he'd look like without a swimsuit, made its way into your thoughts.  'Ah the body!  The abs! the legs!  The...- NO! Stop!  What are you doing!! Stupid stupid brain!'  You internally screamed, trying to hide the now apparent blush on your cheeks.  
    "[Name]? Are you alright?
:iconnaomichibanchan:Naomichibanchan 157 39
Volunteering- Makoto x Reader
You walked into the school building, your hands filled with flyers; you were a volunteer at the local animal shelter and they had asked you to help advertise for adoptions, and being the kind person you were, you instantly agreed, saying you would hand them out around your school.  Well looking back, that wasn't the best decision, as you were currently struggling with all of the things in your arms.
"Okay [Name]... Almost there... You can do this..."  You stumbled through the hallway, your locker in sight.  A few more steps and you would be there, so naturally, you tried to rush.  Well, that was a big mistake; before you could realize, you were falling towards the ground.
You suddenly felt strong arms wrap around you and a soft voice.  "[Name]! Are you alright?!"
You smiled and nodded, slowly standing up, with Makoto's help of course.  "I am now... Thank you..."  You looked towards the ground where your flyers were haphazardly scattered.  "Aw man
:iconnaomichibanchan:Naomichibanchan 143 52
Call Me Satan: Nazi!PrussiaxSniper!Reader
•IMPORTANT NOTICE•: MATURE CONTENT- THIS CHAPTER HAS RAPE. IF YOU DON'T LIKE. DON'T READ. And guys do realize I'm sorry (I don't support the idea of rape plus I feel guilty for writing this >
:iconmooshy-moo:Mooshy-Moo 103 17
Asuna The Flash by tokio616 Asuna The Flash :icontokio616:tokio616 3 0 shu by miathekill shu :iconmiathekill:miathekill 26 8 Now, shall we dance? by BeruChii-Adopts Now, shall we dance? :iconberuchii-adopts:BeruChii-Adopts 35 13 Yui Komori by otakuangelx Yui Komori :iconotakuangelx:otakuangelx 26 6
Human!Puppet X Reader - Friend
"(Y/N)~! Look! I won some tickets for the Prize Corner!" Your little sister [Sister's Name] waved the tickets around in excitement and you smiled at her cuteness.
It's been quite a while since last you visited the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You were in the same age as your sister when you first visited the place. It really changed since last time.
They added a Game Area, a Kid's Cove and other new things. And the atmosphere seems to be more cheerful than usual.
[Sister's Name] looked at you with big puppy eyes and asked shyly: "Uhm, (Y/N)? Can you get me a prize from the Prize Corner? I would do it myself but I want to finish my pizza."
You patted her head. "Sure. What do you want me to get for you?" Your sister thought for a while but then said: "I know my big sister always picks out something great so I'm fine with everything~!"
You immediately aww'd at her. Sometimes [Sister's Name] is too cute for words. So with the tickets in your hands you walked to the Prize Corner.
The room was
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 832 140
Sunshine (Armin Arlert x Reader)
~You are my sunshine~
  It was then at that exact moment when Armin fell in love with you.
  You and Armin reached for the same book. He allowed you to have it. A smile from you was given.
  A little smile was all it took for the blond to fall in love.
~My only sunshine~
  You were acquaintances, then friends, crushes, and finally lovers. He loved you. All was bright in his world because you were there to chase the clouds away.
  All this happiness came from your single smile.
  All was right in your world. With you by Armin's side, it was like there were no titans. 
~You'll never know, dear, how much I love you~
  You two would lay in the grass by the tree. Armin wouldn't skip training by himself, but you insisted. At first, Armin was worried about getting caught. Now, he couldn't care less. Being caught would be worth spending a day with his love.
  "I love you, Armin." You said.
  "I love you, my sunshine.
:iconmellycat23:MellyCat23 40 14



So...I'm still alive? Surprise~  I apologize for not being active, but I want to ask what you fandoms you want me to write about? I feel like I've overdone AoT but I'm still kinda willing to write it. Anyways, just leave requests etc down below so I can kinda get over my writers block~ 
I am really sorry that I haven't been updating in like....AGES! I'll honestly try to be updating much more often from now on....if you all hate me now...I get it. But I just wanted to say sorry, especially to all those people who supported me when I just joined...if u wanna request a fic for either, Attack on Titan, Homestuck or Vocaloid, i'll try to do it...still, sorry and I hope you guys don't hate me!


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Colossal Titan Gate Destroyer (Fire Breath) [V1] 
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